Affiliate Startup Check List

Quick Start Affiliate Guide

Please Read this Through, a lot of information has been condensed to the most basics to keep it short. The information contained in this walkthrough will dramatically enhance your odds of success with our program.


Pay attention, dive in, commit.


This Affiliate Program offers a 'YUGE' cut of every purchase for every customer you refer us that makes a purchase – Compare our program to AMAZON! We win, hands down.

This Affiliate Program welcomes those who hate to sell things – and teaches them how to work around this, ethically, without ‘selling’ all the time. (Storytelling – Suggested Listening:

This Affiliate Program has worked for other Youtube influencers, giving them the freedom to pursue their dreams and content creation. It could do the same for you.

Welcome to MAGAZON

If you haven’t already – take 30 seconds to visit our We Believe page to understand what we are about.

Our goal is to help you be successful - so successful you will EXCITEDLY tell your friends about our affiliate program being the best available for independent voices.


Affiliate Program Checklist

Step 1.

Signup Here to get your unique account and affiliate referral code. If you were referred to us by our partner, Please goHereinstead.

*(This program is managed by third party Referral Software Company, Omnistar – a widely respected affiliate SaaS program. With Great features and convenient dashboards to understand everything about your account.)

A. Your unique affiliate referral code (Found in dashboard area and also in the creatives area where you can find useful banners)

Insert Banners Image Here********************************************************placeholder, coming soon.

B. Submit your W9 and Choose your Vanity URL & Affiliate Coupon Offer. You may do this Here

What is a Vanity URL? This is a link you can verbally give people even when a traditional typed LINK is not convenient (such as certain forms of social media) This is a second way to refer traffic. No confusing link required. Better yet, set your own website to and redirect it to your affiliate link directly!) This is great for verbal conversation or when you aren’t by a link to copy & paste.

Step 2.

Familiarize yourself with the back-end dashboard, the 'creative' banners area where you can find assets and link with your account to these banners with various sizes. Also, this area may change and update from time to time as we add new creatives. These are your tools to communicate visually on your website or in posts. Banners can be very effective on social media or your website.

Glance through to Learn how to find your affiliate code, monitor your conversions (This is how you determine how your sales metrics are working and how you can improve with the feedback this data gives you)

To enlarge the image Click Here.


Step 3.

Implement a strategy to promote your affiliates for maximum conversions. Like a business owner - you're success is dependent on RESULTS! But like a business owner, you reap the rewards of major revenue share!

Some Effective Tactics Include:

A. (Highly effective) Commercial ads - "we’ll cover (exciting hook or cliffhanger) and (exciting hook or cliffhanger) right after a word from our sponsors" (insert commercial here)

THEN resume news like normal! This is a standard method, and it works well. People don't want to leave because their waiting on the exciting cliffhanger!

Using our Video/Audio Commercials? Afterwards you share your affiliate link! Or you insert it into the Video Clip at the end with a custom slide and include YOUR link! Can be implemented easily to give your plugs a very professional commercial, while still linking your customers to YOUR referral account!

Putting this right up front in your video with an exciting ‘hook’ will keep your audience waiting through the commercial and sticking around for your content after. This tends to be high conversion.

Another example may be scripts (We are happy to provide these if you want!) - One example is: "Shop Patriot & Drain the Digital Swamp, - Support Companies that Support your right to speak freely. Shop Patriot. (or discuss specific products you like)

B. (Easy and Passive) Banner Ads on your website - Use our banners in your site to help passively convert more sales for you.

C.(Highly effective) - Verbal plugs through your shows. 1 mention early on, perhaps another midways.

Commercials do well, personal stories do well, excitement and product endorsements do very well.

D. Interviews (Powerful) – Interviews to educate your viewers about products or even about the companies themselves and what makes them different, this is a powerful tool - if you're interested in interviewing one of our executive team about this business, Let us know!

E. Social Media Posts - (Small Boost), Let people know who your sponsors are and how they can support them.

F. Invite your Friends - (Limitless) – Refer other high traffic affiliates to us and get additional rewards! This is NOT an MLM. It’s simply a way to thank you for inviting other affiliates, instead of ONLY saying thanks when you send a customer! More ways to WIN-WIN

G. Email your List (Powerful) Utilize your email list to update your audience on content and then mention your sponsors somewhere in the body of the text. This is a VERY powerful tool if you have even just a few thousand on your email list.

H. Offer them a bonus: Give out your coupon code for an extra bonus for new shoppers.

(Want this done for you by a pro?Let us know!)

I. Talk about your favorite products! People like to hear reviews from you.

Suggestions? Requests? Constructive Criticism? Questions? Please let us know how to improve itHere


More Tips:

Tip: Be up front – Tell people you will be sending them your video/blog/vlog/article/etc updates in your newsletter.. But also including marketing to support your content creation – if you forewarn them, and create a good opt out system you can even email them daily updates with ads without pissing them off – People LIKE shopping, they hate being SOLD things.

Tip: Mix our banners and your affiliate link (OSI Affiliate dashboard> creatives) in YOUR emails between blocks of news text!

Tip: (Expand your Reach) - Youtubers, Create a BITCHUTE account, and sync it to upload your youtube videos automatically when they are posted to youtube. Set and Forget, you rarely need to check this and although sometimes it fails - it will open your show to an entirely new audience for VERY little work, and these are MORE eyes who will see your donation and sponsor options!